Three Examples of Professional Learning Communities that Can Improve Teacher Content Knowledge

I’ve researched a number of different Professional Learning Communities that I can participate in at the local and regional level. First, I meet regularly with a team of other Special Education teachers, support staff, and Behavior Consultants in my school district.

Second, I can attend more events organized by PaTTAN that are designed to bring all types of Special Education professionals and parents together to learn.

Third, I can join the National Association of Special Education Teachers, which offers free Professional Development courses and other online resources to members. Last, I can meet up on a more social level with an English as  Second Language teachers and students Meet-up group.

The team meetings I have with other Special Education teachers and Behavior Consultants each week are crucial to building my own skills as a teacher. We share experiences and strategies and the communication time is a great way to support each other in a position that can very emotional and stressful sometimes.

I’ve participated in several events organized by PaTTAN and have found them very helpful for professional development and finding additional resources. The best feature of an event like the upcoming “Youth in Transition Conference” is that there are many different professionals as well as parents in attendance.

I have not taken advantage of the Professional Development courses and resources available on the National Association of Special Education Teachers website, but found them as a result of this course. For a small yearly fee they provide access to online courses that will help me develop professional while easily adapting to my schedule with online resources. Lastly, I found an ESL teachers and students meetup  (Links to an external site.)that I think will be a great way to build my professional connections. I have some students that have behavior issues that are linked to their low level of English language proficiency. Meeting up with a group like this can help me understand more about learning new languages and find support or new activity ideas.

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