3 Content-Specific and Cross-Curricular Strategies to Improve Pedagogy and Content Knowledge

Content-Specific Strategy 1

Use the PaTTAN website to find a conference where I can meet with other Special Education teachers and learn teaching strategies and build professional relationships.

The Training Calendar is full of helpful events organized by PaTTAN. I viewed the event details for the 2017 National Autism Conference in State College, PA. The description says that the conference offers evidence-based information that will help me develop effective educational programming for my students with autism spectrum disorders.

I can also build relationships with other professionals that attend, and the event description lists administrators, early intervention staff, and behavioral health professionals as some of the potential attendees.

Content- Specific Strategy 2

Use the Special Education resources on the PA.Gov website to prepare for a support team meeting for one of my students with significant behavior and attendance challenges.

This website offers a PDF resource titled “Special Education and the Homeless Q&A” which offers detailed answers to a long list of questions about accommodating students that are homeless and are experiencing a serious lack of resources.

For example, the question A-2 states “ What rights are afforded to homeless children with disabilities under Part B?” The answer lists eligibility requirements that will be helpful to know when I meet with that student’s support team to determine how best to serve the student and their family.

Cross-Curricular Strategy 1

Use the Discussion posts on the National Council of Teachers of English website to find resources and ideas for student journaling and portfolio projects.

The NCTE website has many resources, but the discussions available under the “Connected Community” are full of ideas and inspiration. I found one discussion thread that featured one teacher’s ideas on how to combine Shakespeare lessons and Computer Science/Robotics.

I also found links to comic books that another teacher designed for helping students express hopes and future goals. These were good reminders of how to be creative and will help me design journal projects that reach each student.

Cross-Curricular Strategy 2

Use the journal Social Education found on the National Council for the Social Studies website to find ways to connect Social Studies instruction with current events.

The National Council for the Social Studies features free articles in Social Education that give insight into how to help students connect their Social Studies content with real-world issues. One article, “Students as Modern Muckrakers: Creating Films for Social Change”, outlined projects and ideas for helping students make short films that connect to Social Studies topics. This is an excellent way for me to connect curriculum, technology, and real-world issues.


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