3 Resources to Enhance Pedagogical Knowledge

SAS Tool- Power Library “Pennsylvania’s Electronic Library

The electronic resources available through the Power Library are extensive and will become one of my new classroom resources because they cover a wide range of topics. In particular, I find the “Newspaper/Magazines” resource to be particularly helpful because I try to help my students find examples of their subject material in current events in the world.

For example, The Power Library provides access to “Newspaper Source Plus” that I can access with only a library card number and find international examples of current events I can use in lessons.

PaTTAN Resource- Handout “Keystone Exam Accommodation Guidelines for Students with Individualized Education Programs and 504 Plans”

This handout from PaTTAN will be helpful for me as I prepare my Learning Support students for this important assessment. My students have IEPs and 504 Plans and need extra practice and preparation specific to their unique needs.

This resource provides information about accommodations for students during the Keystone and PSSA exams and content standards that every IEP team must be aware of during these important assessments.

PaTTAN Resource- Instructional Material “Behavior Resources for Educators”

This resource provides an extensive list of resources for improving behavior issues like classroom management and Positive Behavior Support, two elements that are highly focused on in my school.

For example, the resource features a helpful video titled “Authentic Family Engagement in PBIS” which directly addresses issues that I deal with in my classroom on a daily basis. The video “A Function Based Approach to Dealing with Problematic Behaviors” has a section on data collection, which reinforces the right strategies that are so crucial to tracking and modifying student behavior.

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