Building Communication and Fostering Relationships for a Positive Classroom Culture

Communication and building relationships are key factors in creating a culture of respect and rapport

Communication Strengths and Challenges

I bring excellent communication skills to the classroom, but I have three strengths in particular. First, I have a strong interest and work experience working with website design and development. I’ll work to improve that skill by making technology and online research a part of classroom learning. Second, I have a strong voice that gets attention in the classroom. I’ll need to improve it by using it appropriately and maintaining a consistent tone that’s firm but not aggressive. Third, I enjoy drawing and making artwork. I plan on improving this skill by creating graphic displays in my classroom that organize information and encouraging my students to create artwork as part of instruction.

There are three distinct challenges when it comes to classroom communication. First, English is not the primary language for some students. I’ll improve that challenge by providing all students with an accepting environment that gives them time and alternate ways of communicating to accommodate language differences. Second, every student has different communication strengths and prefers to participate in different types of assessments and activities. I’ll improve on this challenge by differentiating classroom instruction to accommodate and explore those strengths with a variety of assessment types. Third, many students spend much of their time watching television or using a computer, so social interaction and verbal communication can be a challenge. I’ll improve this by modeling problem solving and using positive communication skills.

How my ability to speak and listen affects my classroom climate.

As a teacher, my ability to speak and listen is crucial to the success of my students and to maintaining a positive classroom environment that fosters success. My speaking must include positive statements that recognize and reinforce positive behaviors. My listening must be active listening that helps me learn about my students and demonstrates my desire to make connections between their personal strengths and classroom success.

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