How Students and Teachers Use Technology in Different Ways

How do we use technology in similar ways? In what ways does our use differ?

For both my students and myself, technology’s primary role is communication. Their contact with friends and family seems to be pretty much constant and in a variety of ways. For me it’s more texting and email, but the idea is the same.

My students seem to use computers and mobile devices for games and videos and are streaming entertainment wherever they go. I mostly use computers and devices for managing my time or getting work done.

Why does students’ use differs from teacher use?

I’ve grown accustomed to using technology as a tool for getting things done. Research, writing, emailing, and keeping a calendar and list of things to take care of. For entertainment I mainly spend time with my family or work, neither of which allow me the time to look at a mobile device or computer too much.

My students have more time to devote to cultivating a social network and place more importance on social connections than I do. They also find the individual focus of games and videos to be a source of entertainment.

What opportunities exist for teachers to use technology to better meet student needs?

It’s definitely important to remember that students’ use of technology is not a bad thing and not to point out that they’re somehow using it incorrectly and I’m using it correctly. Technology serves many different uses. I can meet student needs with technology by utilizing games and videos in class to appeal to the avenue they like best. I can also make more of my resources and communication available on different online networks to accommodate the devices they use to get things done.


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