The 4 Elements of Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

I can demonstrate deep knowledge of two elements. First, “knowledge of students’ special needs” is an area that I have documentation and knowledge of for my classes. I’m a Special Education teacher in a high school resource room learning center, so I’m familiar with each student’s individual strengths and challenges. Second, I can demonstrate deep knowledge of “knowledge of child and adolescent development. Throughout my teaching career I have taught at ever level from elementary to high school, so I have experience across many developmental stages.

There are two elements that do require me to develop my knowledge. First, “knowledge of students’ interest and cultural heritage”. My community is growing rapidly and many new students arrive or depart during the year. I need to work harder to get to know them. Second, “knowledge of the learning process”. I need to develop this skill more because each student in the Learning Center acquires knowledge and skills differently and I must keep finding new ways to make connections for them.

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