Sight Words Flashcard Activity to Increase Student Verbalizations


This lesson will focus on sight words. Knowledge of sight words is necessary for Alex for several reasons. First, an increased volume of sight words will allow Alex to have a base of vocabulary that can be utilized for verbalizations. Also, sight words are a central part of literacy. Alex’s knowledge of sight words will help him to increase his reading skills as well as his ability to recognize words in his community.

Instructional Objectives:

a)When shown a sight word flashcard, Alex will correctly identify by picking up the matching picture from 3 options on 3 or less attempts in 3 out of 4 trials.

  1. b) When given 7 pictures and 7 corresponding sight word flashcards, Alex will be able to match the 4 out of 7 words to the picture.

Lesson Initiation:

The teacher will introduce the lesson to Alex by describing the schedule of word identification activities. The teacher will list the number of trials that Alex must complete during the lesson. The teacher will also inform Alex of the activity that he will take place after the lesson is completed.

Instructional Activities:

Materials- 1 worksheet with pictures representing the sight words, 24 flashcards with Edmark sight words.


The teacher will begin by reviewing the flashcards. The teacher will show Alex each flashcard and say the word on the card.  The teacher will encourage Alex to attempt a vocal repeat of the word after the teacher says it.

The teacher will show Alex the picture worksheet and review with him what each picture is. The teacher will then provide Alex with 3 sight word flashcards to choose from and will ask Alex to find the card that corresponds to the picture. This will be done for all 7 pictures.

The teacher will place 6 sight word cards on the desk in front of Alex. The teacher will use hand-over –hand modeling to instruct Alex how and where to place his chosen cards during the lesson. Prior to each trial, the teacher will review each of the 6 words with Alex.

The teacher will ask Alex to find one word at a time. Alex will identify each word by picking up the card and placing it in the teacher’s hand. Alex will complete a total of 4 trials with 6 sight word cards in each trial. If he incorrectly identifies the word, the teacher will place the word card back in the trial of sight words and prompt Alex to try again.

Lesson Summary:

The teacher will review the number of sight words Alex was able to identify on the first attempt. The teacher will show Alex a comparison of the responses from the previous lesson. If he has found enough to earn a sticker on the reward chart, Alex will choose a sticker and place it on the chart.

Lesson Evaluation:

The teacher will evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson by analyzing data recorded during the lesson. The teacher will record Alex’s correct and incorrect responses during the lesson. The number of correct responses will be compared to previous lessons.

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